SQZ Original Lemon Wine
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SQZ Original Lemon Wine


An instant classic. Original marks the beginning of SQZ. The unique, crisp taste is born from simple ingredients – lemons, yeast, pure cane sugar, and Triple filtered water. Naturally fermented, of course.

The distinct lemon flavor pairs nicely on many occasions, from BYOBs to BBQs. Chilled, over ice, or dress with fresh slices of fruit.

Discover your favorite way to SQZ and be sure to share.

Original as all our flavors are best served chilled.

About SQZ Wine

Home based in the small midwest town of Lanark, IL, SQZ is handcrafted in small batches from all natural ingredients to create its unique flavors.

A Simple recipe with a host of detail...

Simple - lemons, yeast, sugar, and water are combined to produce a naturally fermented taste with a complexity that will surprise you. 

Detail - we triple filter our water to ensure a consistent flavor, batch after batch. Our distinctive blend of juices and teas capture a natural fresh-picked flavor, without the use of chemicals or preservatives. Pure cane sugar lends a crisp snap that is simply superior to all other sweeteners. Lastly, after multiple batches and many months of research, we hand-selected a yeast that brings forth the best of citrus essence.

Blended together in pristine Heartland tanks - American made out of the highest quality stainless steel.

Our people - everyone on our production team lives within 10 miles of SQZ, and each prides themselves as a quality check point. Producing the highest quality batches each and every time is our promise, as family and friends are some of our best customers. 

Our mason jar packaging is designed to address multiple interests, speaking to handcrafted small batch, American iconic style,farm to fork, and the Green community. Our carriers are made from recycled paper, hand folded, requiring no gluing. 

Lanark is part of Carroll County, IL. It was named after Lanark, Scotland.


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