La Fontaine Pineau Des Charentes Blanc
  • La Fontaine Pineau Des Charentes Blanc

La Fontaine Pineau Des Charentes Blanc


Domaine de La Fontaine has been passed down from father to son for 5 generations – over 100 years – as has the knowledge & passion for their soil & their wines.

The property is on difficult clay soils in the Fins Bois region of the Cognac Appellation. 

A dessert or aperitif wine, made from a blend of lightly-fermented grape must and Cognac. In 1589, a wine maker accidentally added grape must into a barrel that he believed was empty but in fact contained cognac. Two years later it was unearthed and hence Pineau was born. The resulting drink is between 16 and 22% ABV. Pineau des Charentes should be served chilled (46-52°F) in a tulip-shaped glass such as a sherry glass. The taper of this type of glass better enhances the aroma of the wine. Pineau des Charentes does not benefit from ageing. However, storing unopened bottles away from sources of light will do no harm to the wine, although bottles should be stored upright to reduce the exposed surface area. Once opened, Pineau des Charentes will keep for some time in the fridge. 

White Pineau: 

A result of blends of several Pineau's ranging from 3 to 5 years old. It is made from "Ugni Blanc" grapes which are also used to make Cognac. 

Serving Hints: 

Pineau should be drunk slightly chilled after meals.


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